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Food is about learning. Food is about nurturing.
Food is about love, and food is about family.

Vegan & Vegetarian

I approach both vegan and vegetarian recipes with so many questions. The questions that run through my mind are all about tweaking meat recipes to make them my own. Or, should I say make them into a vegan or, vegetarian meal! These are recipes and ideas in which I love to share! I tend to enhance the vegan and vegetarian dishes with my own blends of herbs and spices. I try to use the spices to enhance the natural flavors of the products in these types of recipes.

Pasta & Italian Foods

I was born in Wisconsin so I’ve been exposed to my fair share of different cheeses. My heritage is Italian, and Portuguese. I love my Italian food when it comes to pasta and Beyond! I love all of those Italian vegetable dishes including amazing soups! There are certain Portuguese/Mediterranean foods that I levitate to. Spices are a large part of the Portuguese recipes. Breads, cheeses, and soups are a big part of the Portuguese lifestyle. Desserts in Portugal? There’s one phrase I use for Portuguese desserts.
Yummies are so good for our tummies! I’ll leave it at that…


I love desserts! Who doesn’t? I especially love those desserts that have zero calories! lol
My grandmother had an old Sunbeam mixmaster that was held together by tape. Her butterhorns were well known throughout the family and around her town. My grandma was 4 feet 10 inches tall, but she could cook and bake like no other! My love for baking came from my grandma. Desserts were always my favorite part of the meal…

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